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Careers at Atlanta Wealth Consultants

Atlanta Wealth Consultants, LLC® is a financial advisory and planning firm that is seeking to grow their advisory group. Qualified advisors should have a minimum of 5 years industry experience and a book of business.

Why you should be interested in Atlanta Wealth Consultants, LLC®

Atlanta Wealth Consultants, LLC® was created for the client. Many investment products today have tiered pricing. One pricing for the regional firms, wirehouse firms and banks that operate in the commission world. Another price for the same exact product striped of hidden cost and commissions is also available. These products, however, are offered through fee only advisors and in the institutional market place. We find most retail clients when presented with the differences prefer the latter pricing transparency.

Independent advisors can be more objective than a stockbroker at regional firms, wirehouse firms and banks which have their own agenda that may be passed on to the stockbroker.

Our unique culture makes Atlanta Wealth Consultants, LLC® one of the best quality of life alternatives in the investment business today.

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